Why is my cat digging litter box and meowing? 7 secret reasons

Does your feline friend also dig in the litter box and yowl when it’s time to pee or use the litter box. I have noticed this weird behavior in my cat a couple of weeks ago. She screams and disturbs the whole house when its time to use the litter box. While cats are known for their independent and mysterious nature, these actions do leave us wondering what’s going on in their feline minds.

Showcasing such behavior is probably not to seek our attention. There can be medical reasons for which your cat yowls. If your cat is exempting same behavior, you should definitely worry for it. There can be many serious diseases which include life risking diseases like feline lower urinary tract disease and urinary tract inflammation. However, there is no surety that she is fighting with such disease until you observe any major symptoms.

Besides this, there can be hygiene issues too. For your convenience, I have gathered all possible causes on a single page. Let’s explore them together.

Why Is My Cat Digging Litter Box?

Do you ever notice your cat digging in the litter box and wonder why? While it may not be a commonly discussed issue, it’s worth addressing any concerns you may have. There could be various reasons behind this behavior, including personal preferences or hygiene issues. If the litter box isn’t cleaned regularly, your cat might express discomfort using it as a subtle reminder of the importance of cleanliness. Neglecting to scoop the litter box daily or clean it every three to four days can lead to discomfort for your cat and invite harmful bacteria.

cat digging litter box
cat digging litter box

Additionally, minor health issues such as stress and anxiety could also contribute to this behavior. Cats are particularly sensitive to their environment and cleanliness levels, regardless of their age. Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your cat at all stages of her life is essential. Neglecting hygiene issues may result in stress and anxiety, which can lead to various physical and mental health problems.

However, if your cat yowls or meow on every visit to litter box, it is a matter of concern. You cannot ignore this issue.

Why Is My Cat Digging In The Litter Box And Meowing?

Your cat may meow to signal various issue. Since cats can’t explain their health, she gives signals by behaving weird. It is your responsibility to understand their concerns on time and find a solution to them. there can be multiple reasons. Let’s get an overview of them and then discuss briefly.

  • If your cat is meowing while in the litter box, it could be experiencing pain when urinating or defecating. This may be due to a urinary tract infection, constipation, or other medical issues.
  • Cats develop their own thoughts for everything they have an interaction with. if she has developed negative thought for the litter box, she may exhibit such behavior to change the litter box.
  • Yes, age factor also affects the vocalization behavior in cats.
  • She might want to eliminate something from the litter box. If multiple cats are using the same litter box, one cat might be vocalizing to assert dominance or mark its territory.
  • Stress and anxiety are again a major cause. Almost every weird behavior exhibited by feline fellows have some deep down linking with stress and anxiety.

Many of you might be concerned for different health issues cats suffer which affects their vocalization behavior. Here they are addressed along with their solutions.

Obstruction Of Urethra : Cause To Cat Digging Litter Box 

Your cat might be digging in the litter box due to urethra obstruction.  Obstruction in urethra in easy words refer to blockage in a narrow pipe from the cat’s bladder. It gives cat a lot pain while passing urine. This is the reason your cat starts digging in the litter box and screams. This can be lethal for cats thus should be addressed immediately. Some other common symptoms that your cat might exhibit are frequent vomiting, dehydration, licking the genital area and frequent trips to litter box. 


Urethral obstruction in cats can have several causes, and it is a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. Some of the common causes of urethral obstruction in cats include:

  • Sometimes mucous from inflammation or infection can create acute blockages.
  • Feeding your cat with a nutrition deficient diet.
  • Bringing sudden environment changes.
  • Giving less water to your cat.
  • Don’t maintaining the litter box
  • Ignoring acute intestinal issues can become a cause for obstruction in urethra.


Aah! The only solution to this issue is hospitalization. Since it is a critical issue, it may require intensive care. You should immediately have a visit to veterinarian clinic. Once your cat is stable, your vet may recommend a special diet to help prevent the recurrence of urinary issues, especially if the blockage was related to urinary stones or crystals.

In some cases, your veterinarian prescribes medications to prevent further urethra blockages. Preventing future urethral obstructions in your cat may involve changes to its diet, increased access to water, maintaining a clean litter box, and managing stress in its environment.

Crystals In Urine : Cause To Cat Digging Litter Box  

Crystals start forming in the urine due to it being either too acidic or too alkaline. These tiny crystals might end up causing discomfort as they scratch the delicate lining of the urethra. Even more concerning, they can stick around in the urinary tract and slowly grow into bladder stones. It’s a matter of concern, and it’s essential to address it properly. Being your stranger friend, I can link to your thoughts. You might be concerned about how these crystals develop. Here your this query is also addressed.


Major causes which result forming a crystal are:

  • Diet plays a significant role. High mineral content in every meal they have can contribute to crystal formation.
  • There can be some inherited factors too.
  • Your cat might be overweight having fatty contents more in body.
  • Diabetes and kidney issues can also be a concern.
  • Some infections can alter the pH of the urine and lead to crystal formation.
why do cats dig in the litter box?
why do cats dig in the litter box?

A vet can easily detect crystals by testing your cat’s urine. He or she will check the ratio of PH to detect crystals. These increase the acidity level in urine.


Most common types of crystals in cat urine are struvite and calcium oxalate, and they may require different approaches:

Increase water intake Increased water intake
Antibiotics Surgery
Your vet may recommend you diet that is formulated to create a urine pH that discourages crystal formation. Your vet may recommend you diet that aim to lower the concentration of minerals in the urine.

Constipation : Cause To Cat Digging Litter Box  

Constipation is a common digestive issue characterized by infrequent, difficult, or painful bowel movements. Constipation is a routine matter for many cats since it is  observed in many cats. This doesn’t mean you should ignore this issue. Ignoring such health problems can weaken your cat besides her medical history in past.

Your cat maybe screaming because of the pain she is getting due to slow bowel movement. Many cats insist that the stools come out somehow, but they don’t, which causes them to have severe pain. Why does constipation develop in cats? This question is followed by underlying answer.

cat digging litter box
cat yowling and cat digging litter box


Constipation in cats can have various causes, and it’s essential to identify the reason to provide appropriate treatment. Some common reasons for constipation in cats include:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Obstruction of some foreign object in cat’s intestine
  • Aging is also a major cause
  • Fiber deficient diet and dehydration
  • Neurological issues and tumors

Many of you must be aware of its solutions but still here they are listed for those who don’t know.


Congratulations! It is an issue that can be resolved at home using some lubricant or a home remedy.

You can mix laxatone with your cat’s food in minimal quantity once in a couple of days. You can also increase fiber content in its diet. Feeding your cat boiled papaya or mashed papaya can resolve the issue. I have already written a complete article on this topic. You can explore more by clicking on the following link. https://petswhirl.com/laxatone-for-cats-constipation/

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease : Cause To Cat Digging Litter Box  

Feline lower urinary disease doesn’t refer to one single disease but it is a term used to refer multiple diseases related to cat’s urinary system. These issues can affect the bladder and the tube that carries urine out of their body, leading to various urinary difficulties. In simple words, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is a way to talk about some problems that can affect how a cat pees. It makes their tummy hurt, and it can happen to lots of cats.

FLUTD is a common problem in cats. Cats with FLUTD may show signs like frequent visits to litter box, having trouble when they try to urinate, going to the bathroom outside the litter box, having blood in their urine, and making noise or showing discomfort when they urinate. This condition can be uncomfortable and worrying for both the cat and their owner. Being a feline lover, I can relate to your feelings.


  • Some cats can be born with urinary tract parts that don’t work quite right, which can make them more likely to have urinary problems.
  • In other cases, cats can get a urinary issue called idiopathic cystitis, which is when they have trouble peeing, but the exact reason isn’t clear.
cat digging litter box
cat digging litter box


Use of excessive water and some dietary precautions can offer a great role but if the issue is not resolved, it can lead to surgery too. Some vets avoid surgery and try to burry a solution using appropriate medicines.

Urinary Tract Inflammation : Cause To Cat Digging Litter Box  

It seems that your issue is not resolved yet. This is why you have scrolled down till this reason. Hope so this article will be enough for you to find a solution.

Urinary tract inflammation in cats refers to irritation or swelling in the parts of the urinary system, including the bladder and urethra. This condition can be painful and uncomfortable for cats, and it’s often associated with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Your cat may exhibit symptoms like frequent urination, straining when peeing, blood in the urine, and discomfort.

You must be wondering for its solution. Here it is discussed.


If you observe any disease in your pet associated with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, please do not hesitate having a visit to vet. Believe me, its an honest opinion from a cat lover. this particular issue can be addressed by adequate medication, dietary changes, litter box management and regular veterinary check-up. Stress reduction has also significant importance.

Your Cat Hates Toilet : Cause To Cat Digging Litter Box  

Besides the hygiene issue, there can be personal hatred your cat might have developed for the litter box she is using.

cat digging litter box
cat sitting at toilet seat

Maybe you were poor at maintaining her litter box in past when she developed hatred for the litter box. Although now you are more conscious at cleaning the litter box, she will never get satisfied to it. Since there are many different types of litter box, there is a chance that she prefers some other type of litter box. here I have listed some types of litter box.

  • Open litter box
  • Covered litter box
  • Self-cleaning litter box
  • Sifting litter box
  • Top entry litter box

You can click here to explore more about cat hate for litter box. 

My personal cat is comfortable with open litter box. I have tried giving her covered litter box too but this gave me experience encountering a strange change in my cat’s behavior. She started digging the litter box and seldom yowl or scream loudly in litter box. You can buy best and comfortable litter boxes for your cat at the cheapest rates by visiting the following link: 


Your Cat May Be A Patient To Stress And Anxiety

Many cats start digging in the litter box just because of stress and anxiety. Many of our feline friends suffer stress because of lack of affection, many busy people don’t have time to play with their pets which makes them feel neglected, many of us don’t consult their medical issues on time and some environmental changes can be cause of stress and anxiety in cats. Stress commonly causes cats to act weird. This weird behavior include digging or yowling in the litter box. here are a few solutions which may help you resolve issue:

  • Don’t change their diet
  • In case you are shifting, bring environmental changes slowly
  • Have some playful time with your cat
  • Let it go out to make friends
  • Don’t force restrictions on your cat.
  • Have regular veterinary check-ups.

To engage cats in healthy activities, you can buy toys for them at the cheapest rates by visiting the link below:  


cat in stress

How Do You Stop A Cat Digging In The Litterbox?

How to stop cat digging litter box? Same was my concern before I sat and made research. It was hectic for me to find answer to my query on different platforms but for your convenience, I have gathered all the information on a single page. Hope so, the suggested points would stop your cat from digging in the litter box.

  • Ensure that there is enough litter in the box. Cats often dig because they want to cover their waste adequately.
  • Consider using a larger litterbox. This can prevent litter from being kicked out.
  • Some cats have texture preferences. Experiment with different types of litter to see which your cat prefers.
  • Place the litterbox in a quiet, accessible, and low-traffic area.
  • Regularly scoop waste from the box, and clean and change the litter as needed.
  • Some cats prefer covered litterboxes, which can help contain the litter.

If adopting all these measures doesn’t work out, stop wasting time and consult a vet. He might suggest some other solution depending upon your cat’s condition.

cat sitting in litter box
cat sitting in litter box

How To Stop Cat From Playing In The Litter Box?

To deter a cat from playing in the litter box, consider providing engaging toys or activities outside the box to redirect their attention. Ensure the litter box is clean and placed in a quiet, accessible area. You can also try using a covered litter box or adding deterrents like aluminum foil or double-sided tape around the box’s perimeter. Consistency in training and positive reinforcement when the cat uses the litter box appropriately can also help modify behavior.

Why Is My Cat Scratching The Floor Like Litter?

Your cat may scratch the floor as if it were litter due to various reasons, including a desire to mark territory, exercise their muscles, or seek attention. It could also be a sign of stress or frustration. Ensure your cat has access to appropriate scratching posts and toys to redirect this behavior. Additionally, maintaining a clean litter box and addressing any underlying stressors can help alleviate the scratching behavior.


Hope so you have found an answer to question why do cats dig in the litter box or why is my cat digging in the litter box. Since, it is a weird behavior, avoid any home remedies or medication without proper vet consultation. Many people hesitate taking their pets to people but this makes the condition worse. You should demonstrate patience and support your cat stop behaving weird.

Remember that patience and consistency are key when trying to modify your cat’s behavior. Each cat is unique, so you may need to experiment with several of these strategies to find what works best for your feline friend.


There are multiple reasons for which your cat might be yowling in litter box but in most cases, it is simply constipation. Since the formation of hairballs in cat's intestines, they suffer difficulty and pain in passing body wastes for which they yowl.
Most probably, your cat is suffering urine infection. There are chances that it might be obstruction in Urethra or Urinary tract inflammation. Urinary tract inflammation in cats refers to irritation or swelling in the parts of the urinary system, including the bladder and urethra.
You can simply know if you observe following symptoms in your cat: frequent urination, straining when peeing, blood in the urine, and discomfort.
Normally a healthy cat yowl when it is hungry or trying to seek attention. But in some cases cats do yowl if they feel insecure, trying to convey their message or if they are in pain.

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