Why do cats run away? 7 secrets revealed

Why do cats run away from me? Just like me, are you the one who loves cats but have experienced that cats run away from you whenever you try get closer to them. I took this thing on heart and did research on this. There can be a number of reasons cats don’t like roaming around you.

Why does my cat run away from me? It is only the matter of trust between you and your feline friend. Although your cat does love you but she might not be good at expressing her love. She may also feel uncomfortable with you or might feel threatened in your presence. Now the question arises, why do she feel un-comfortable or threatened.

Let’s jump into this article and find answer to all queries popping up in your head.

Why Do Cats Run Away From Me?

Why do cats run away from me? I am sure you can’t imagine what your cat thinks of you. But still wonder tall and healthy humans in front of small tiny mischievous cats. You might appear dreadful to your feline friends or sometimes it is their naughty mind which encourages them to tease you.

Why do cats run away from me?

If you adopted a stray cat, this behavior can be a result of some traumatic past or some health issues. In case it is your old fellow, there are a lot more reasons. One thing important to remember, if your cat runs away from you it doesn’t really means she doesn’t likes you. It is their mischievous mind.

Some of the reasons you find your pet away from you are discussed below along with their solutions.


In answer to the question ” Why do cats run away from me ? ” we can’s neglect the fact that cats usually  assume humans dangerous. Cats can be very sensitive sometimes to strange people and can even attack them. If you are someone who gas too much interaction with new people and strangers visit your home regularly, she might become a patient to anxiety and fear. Of-course for a pet it is not possible to leave your friend circle.


Here we have brought a solution to this issue.

  1. Don’t allow your friends try to develop a bonding with your pet.
  2. Try having meet-ups with people at different places outside your home.
  3. Keep a separate room to entertain your companions.

These are some of the solutions to keep your pet away from fear and anxiety.

Traumatic past

Today, humans have become internally so dead and doesn’t even have a soft corner for these poor tiny creatures. The world has turned into a devil not only for cats but for every creature they can have a benefit from. In the recent past, some cases have been reported of men trying to do rape with cats. Could you ever imagine this but it is a fact and can never be denied.

When responding to the question why do cats run away from me, we can’t ignore the brought up factor.

Why do cats run away from me?
Cat in fear and trauma

If you have adopted a stray cat, there are some chances that she might remembers the cruelty of her old owner. Remembrance of her traumatic past keeps her away from you. It is a point to ponder on because it not only impacts her behavior but weakens its health too.


Here are some ways you can try to make your cat forget about her traumatic past.

  1. Have some quality time with your cat
  2. Use some calming products
  3. Offer her a safe and comfortable environment
  4. Try to play with them occasionally too

Poor socialization

Just like human babies, cats also make a sense of this world in their early childhood. Researches reveal that the first 9 weeks of a kitten are very important for it and is also referred as period of socialization.  During this golden time frame, her view for this is developed including her feelings for humans and different things.

Why do cats run away from me?

It is possible that your cat was in wrong hands during her early time of growth but still you can tackle the situation by spending some quality time with them. Just like humans change their thoughts, plans and feelings for other people, animals do possess the same quality. There is always some space which can change your feline’s view.


It would be better to contact a vet to suggest you some solution to tackle this issue but here are some of the common solutions.

  1. Gently handle your pet
  2. Provide a loving environment
  3. Have interactive playtime
  4. Respect their boundaries
  5. Socialize gradually

Why Do Cats Go Missing and Never Return Back?

Where the question arises why do cats run away from me some people encounter the question Why do cats go missing and never return back?

Many cat owners could relate to this issue. There are number of reasons including reproductive issues and stressful environment. Felines are very sensitive and easily escape if they find something unlikely. Sometimes the cat itself return after a number of hours or a couple of days after spending some time outside socializing but in worst cases, they ran away.

Another factor which can’t be ignored is there are many pet livers in this world. You will find a cute innocent pet almost in every house but have you ever wondered that each of them is purchased from market or where does the pet come from for sale in market.

Why do cats go missing for months

A lot of them are your wandering pets captured buy thieves and sold in markets for trade. Here we will discuss the common reasons, why your cats go missing?

Felines are Sensitive to Loud Noise

If you live a near market or some rushy area where you can frequently listen to conflicts between people and horns then it is an issue for you cat.

Cats are very sensitive to these loud noises and can even fall a prey to stress an anxiety. You maybe a music lover and listen music at loud volume. This is not be appreciated by your cat and she might react leaving your home permanently.

It is better to buy EarPods to avoid such situations.

They Might Have Found a Better Place

Cats usually have high resting temperature than humans. If you are the one who keeps air conditioner on twenty-four hours, your cat is facing trouble in having a comfortable environment. Even it is observed that cats love spending night with humans because humans release many gases which turns the environment warm and ideal for cats.

Why do cats go missing?
Why do cats run away from me?
cat under mat

If your cat gets misplaced for a couple of hours daily, she might have found a better environment for herself. It would be a better decision to provide her a quality environment before she decides to get escaped permanently. Keep an eye on her.

Also provide them with a separate lonely space where they could have some time alone. Cats love both socializing around people and having time alone.

Reproductive Reasons

The foremost reason for a missing cat be its reproductive instinct. If you have a male cat, he might spend most of his time finding a perfect mating partner.

First he will look for a partner in neighborhood but if he doesn’t find any, he will go in areas far away from home. There are many chances he might get lost, get injured or simply get captured by a thief.

This reproductive instinct is very strong in female cats too. Rather than allowing them roaming here and there you can solve this issue by providing them with a partner. If your cat successfully fulfills their mating instinct, she might get pregnant. It is common in cats they prefer hiding and spending time alone in safe and private locations under such conditions. Animals are very protective for their kids just like humans.

It would be better to consult a vet to tackle such situation. Ask them for their guidance.

Boredom / Do cats get bored really?

This might be because she feels bored around you. Many people assume that cats don’t get bored but that’s not correct. Cats do get bored.

Are you the one who spends all day long in office. On return to home, most of us tired enough and straight go for a sleep. Or you could be a student busy in studies for a secure and successful future. In this busy schedule, if you don’t have a time for your pet, it might seek regular visits outside to accompany herself. She must be feeling neglected.

Cats are creatures who love interacting with nature and playing with their owners. if you don’t spend quality time with your cat, she may leave you permanently.

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How to stop cats from running away
cat toys at cheapest rates

Please try spending quality time with your pets at weekends or hire Someone to entertain and look after your loved cat.

Cats can react in several ways if they feel being neglected.


How Missing Cats Find Their Way Back Home?

Many of our feline friends escape for the purpose of returning back after spending some quality time outside. Some of them gets lost but try returning back to home. Nature have granted them with better senses which help them return to their home.

  1. Better senses: they have better smell, hearing and vision capabilities which help them return to their original position. They have a lot of iron in their body which serves as a natural global positioning system.
  2. Psi trailing: Psi-trailing, also known as paranormal or psi-trailing, a supernatural phenomenon which helps back the cats to reach their starting point. Although many scientists are having research to explore more about this. You can visit the ink below to explore more about PSI  https://www.britannica.com/topic/psi-trailing

How to Stop a Cat From Running?

If you are the one having a bad experience of cats running away from your home, then you might be in search of some solutions to avoid your pet leaving home and wandering outside. It is definitely possible.

Here are a few safety measures you can take to protect your feline fellow.

How to stop your cat from running?

Build trust

The very first step you could take in this regard is to build trust among your cat. Now a question might pop in your head  how can I build trust among my cat?” here is an answer to your question.

  1. By offering little treats and rewards, your cat will start loving you and might also express her love for you.
  2. Using a gentle touch foster trust among your pets
  3. Giving personal space and respecting personal boundaries is again a good way to develop trust
  4. Engage in interactive games: having some playful time with your pet will also develop a level of trust.
  5. Offer a comfortable environment and also take your cat to walk in beautiful parks.

Do Not Force Cat for Anything

Do not force you cat to do anything. This will lift the developed trust to a higher level. Let your cat do whatever she wants if it is safe for her.  Many people destroy the developed trust just by drawing some hard boundaries for their pets, bad behavior and forcing them to participate in activities they do not find comfortable for them.

Let her have a meal of its own choice if it is safe for it and constants visits to parks, daily walks. These activities will encourage trust building between you and your feline fellow. 

how to find a lost cat

Provide Them More Comfortable Environment

Provide them a peaceful silent environment. Since cats are really sensitive to noise and strange people, make sure it haves less interaction with both of these. You can also make them feel comfortable by ensuring a good diet, a quality time and moderate temperature.

If you make sure all these above factors, your cat wouldn’t leave you permanently. Wandering outside is a part of their nature which can be limited but not restricted.

How to Find a Lost Cat?

I can understand your love for your feline fellow and can lessen your sorrow by suggesting you some proven methods to find your lost cat.  Finding a lost cat can be a stressful experience. You can use various means to look for your lost cat. Here are they listed below:

Search the Area

To find a lost cat, You can call your cat’s name in loud voice. Animal usually response to familiar noises. During night time use flashlight in gardens and alleys to find your lost cat. 

Look in Nearby Areas

Expand the search radius from your colony to complete block or society. Look in your neighborhood for your cat and visit pet houses or places you often used to take your cat too. Majority of people find their cats from parks they usually take them too. 

Why do cats run away from me

Use Social Media Platforms

To find your lost cat, post her pictures on different social media platforms with your contact info. There are a number fakebook groups and communities on different forums platforms like opera where you ca run campaigns. You can also announce some reward for the person who will help you find your cat. To find some tips to create your cat’s social media presence, you can visit the link https://www.hillspet.com.au/cat-care/resources/creating-social-media-for-your-cat

Distribute Flyers

Aah!  It’s a serious issue, Why do cats run away. Still you have the opportunity to get your back. Distribute flyers with some info about your cat’s appearance and if possible an image too. Distribute these flyers strategically in public spaces, veterinary clinics, pet stores, and community bulletin boards.

Advertise in Newspapers 

You can post an add in newspaper too. Since most of the senior citizens prefer getting updates through newspaper rather than being active on social media platforms. Thus positing an add on newspapers might help you in finding your cat. 

Contact Animal Shelters in Town

Why do cats run away? How to find a lost cat? Visiting animal shelters in search of your cat would also help you find answer to these questions and multiply the chances of finding cat with 2. Reach out to local animal shelters and provide them with a description and photo of the lost cat. Shelters often keep records of found animals, increasing the chances of a match.

Visit Different Veterinary Offices

Visit veterinary clinics in the area, as people often take found animals to these facilities for identification. There are a number of chances that you might find your lost cat within your area.

I am sure, being consistent will definitely solve this issue and you will your love back.

Do Cats Come Back Home After They Run Away?

In many cases, cats do return home after running away, especially if they are well-acquainted with their territory and have a strong bond with their owners. However, If your cat goes missing, it’s essential to take proactive steps to try to locate them. Here a few factors on which depends whether your cat will return or not:

  1. Territorial behavior: Cats develop a territory around their home. If they go beyond it, they do not feel good and return back home.
  2. Bonding with owners: Most cats have strong bonding with their owners. They doesn’t feel good when they couldn’t locate their owners for a long time. Thus, they return back. To develop strong bonds with your cat you should play games and spend time with her. 
  3. Injury or illness: If your cat gets injured or ill far away from her territory, she might not have strength to return back home. 
  4. Interference: Sometimes, external factors such as other animals, humans, or changes in the environment can interfere with a cat’s ability to return home. 


Why do cats run away from me? Different cats have different behaviors, depending upon their breeds and their brought up in early period after their birth. This makes them go through different issues. Many of the above discussed solutions might resolve in issue but if still issue is not resolved, you can freely contact us or schedule a visit to your nearest experienced vet. You can click here to know more about pets. 

Both humans and animals love wandering outside enjoying nature. It is a common issue thus we could easily conclude that it is not a big deal. Let them enjoy going out but make sure they do not cross the set boundaries.


Cats are the mischievous creatures. They love having fun time with their owners and showcase their love for them. They might be trying to have some quality time with you, express their love for you or they might be trying to reduce your stress.
Even touching a stray cat can bring home to you a bundle of diseases and allergies. Having a stray cat is also not safe for your other pets. For a healthy and active lifestyle, it is better to avoid adopting stray pets as much as you can.
It might be an attempt to seek your attention or its your scent which attracts them. It is common in stray cats. Also, cats are friendly creatures. They like having humans around them and try to find a company with which they could have a playful time.
No, they do not remember you or think about you although when you will again interact with them, they will identify you by recognizing your scent or voice. They have better senses than humans but they don’t have the concept of past or future.

We will feel delighted to find you reading our other articles for cats too. 

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