8 Reasons For Which Your Cat Burrow?

Cat burrow under blanket

Does your cat burrow under covers, blankets, or burrow into you? How cute they are! Cats are really innocent creatures. The fact cannot be denied that they possess some weird habits which make you worry about your pet. It is commonly observed that cats like to hang out in strange places.

It is common in all cats that they like to burrow under covers, and sometimes they burrow into you to make themselves feel special. They showcase their love with you by burrowing into you. Here, the question arises: why do cats possess such weird habits? Is it safe for them to burrow under blankets and covers? All your queries are attentively addressed in this article.

Your Cat is Trying to Keep Warm 

Cats usually burrow to keep themselves comfortable in a warm environment. It is a proven fact that a cat’s paw can even sense a temperature change of up to one degree Celsius, and they have a higher resting temperature than humans, approximately ranging between 99.5 Fahrenheit to 102.5 Fahrenheit.

This is the reason you find most cats under the blanket or in warm bedsheets to get cozy. The temperature, which seems a little cold to us, might freeze your cat. You might also have seen cats taking a nap under direct sunlight in hot summer afternoons. This is because of their body temperatures.

cat burrow under blanket


We can better understand it by the example of crops. There are some sown in winter, whereas some are sown in summer. Why are they not sown in the same season? It is all because nature has made different ways of growth and comfort for each species. During cold nights, mostly cats accompany you in your room. It is because they normalize their body temperature by absorbing the heat released from your body and absorbing the heat from carpets.

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Cat warmer 
Cat burrow

Your Cat Wants to Feel Secure 

Just like humans, cats differ in personality. Some breeds are way too friendly, while some breeds like spending time alone or feel insecure. One more answer to the question “WHY DOES MY CAT LIKE TO BURROW?” is that the cat might be stressed out or frightened by a loud noise, something different, or any other pet. In such special cases, mostly cats burrow under covers or blankets to release stress and make themselves feel secure.

They hide under the covers to hide from this world, normalize their body temperature, and make themselves feel secure. One thing you have to make sure of is that the cover or blanket is not too heavy because cats are weak. They cannot bear a little weight. So, a heavy cover wouldn’t help the cat feel secure but become a cause for an increase in stress.

Your Cat is Feeling Sick 

Have you spotted your cat burrowing too much? There are chances your cat might not be feeling well. When your cat is not feeling well, there are some obvious changes in its behavior which include constantly burrowing themselves under various covers.

Let’s delve into cats’ health and explore more. It is really common in cats to go through constipation and some other health issues, making them feel insecure and seek some shelter. They may view these covers as a safe haven, far away from this world. Some of the common symptoms you may notice are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constant visits to the litter box
  • Don’t hesitate to seek an appointment with the vet if you observe any of these symptoms.

Your Cat is Showing Affection 

Many surveys prove that cats and dogs are more loyal to their owners than humans. They show their love in various ways, such as burying their face in your arm or burrowing into your armpit or elbow or simply cuddling under blanket.

Cats burrow into you to express their love for you. These behaviors are common in most breeds. If your cat doesn’t display these behaviors, don’t be sad as different breeds have different personalities. When your cat burrows under your bedsheets at night, it means they want to spend the night with you. Cats see humans as comfortable blankets. Since cats have a lifespan of less than twenty years on average, make sure not to ignore them.

cat burrow in my arm 
cat burrow in my armpit

Playful Curiosity 

Studies have proven the fact that cats love playing and they are friendly in nature. They easily get comfortable playing with their owner. There is a chance your cat  burrow under carpets and covers to have some practice in hiding from you. Most commonly loved games among cats are:

  • Chase
  • Stalk
  • Hide
  • Pounce

Cat Burrow

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Feel free to join them and act to find your cat all over the house. This would make them happy and result in a stronger bond between you and your cat.

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Cat burrow 
cat toys

Your Cat May be Feeling Left Alone 

Yes, it is a proven fact that cats do feel comfortable among humans and love spending time among them, but sometimes they crave solitude and want to spend some time alone. For this, they usually hide under the covers or blankets to have an escape from this world for a short time period. Their favorite place to hide is under the carpets, blankets, and bedsheets.

Is it Ok for My Cat to Sleep Under Covers?

In most cases, it is normal for a cat to sleep under covers. It cannot become a cause for any medical issue. Also, cats are smart enough to get themselves out of a blanket or cover if it gets too heavy for them. In case you have kittens, do not leave them alone or hire a supervisor for them. Also, keep heavy blankets away to reduce the risk factor.

Chart of Cat Breeds 

RAGDOL 12-17
BENGAL 10-16
BIRMAN 12-16


Why is My Cat Attached to Me?

There can be multiple reasons for your cat to get attached to you all of a sudden. These are discussed below:

Cats spend 5 hours a day on personal grooming and sometimes go under stress. In such times of stress, they get more attached to you for your love. It helps them get out of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, cats feel insecure. To make themselves comfortable, they start roaming around you for your attention.

These cute creatures are well aware of their owner’s health and mental condition. If they feel that you are not okay, they burrow into your armpit or on hands to make you feel special.

Cat Burrowing in Blankets With You 

Cats burrow onto you to form strong bonds with you. You may also observe cat burrowing in blankets with you to express love. Sharing my personal story, a couple of weeks ago, when i woke up in morning I got shocked seeing my cat sleeping next to me. 

Why is My Cat Burrowing into ME?

Cat is an innocent cute creature with friendly habits. Sometimes it itself is suffering from stress or any other medical issues. During such times, they look for your love and attention. Your little attention plays a great role in helping them recover. They burrow into you to make themselves feel special and express their love for you. There are multiple ways a cat burrows into you:

  • Cat burrow their face in your arm
  • Cat burrows into armpit
  • Cat burrow their face in your elbow
  • Cat burrow their head in your hand
  • Cat burrow in your hair

cat burrow under blanket

Your Cat May Like Texture of Cloth

Like humans, animals also have likings and disliking for particular things. It is observed that some cats burrow under the same fabric every time they have a chance. Researchers suggest that it might be their liking for a particular fabric. If your cat burrows under the same fabric every time they get a chance, then congratulations! There is nothing to worry about. It’s just their liking for the fabric. That fabric must be giving them a sense of comfort and coziness.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Being Under The Blankets?

As discussed above, animals do differ in their preference for liking and disliking. Not every cat loves burrowing under the blanket. Most cats love to lie without any fabric or blanket over them, but my cat enjoys burrowing in blanket. Every cat differs in her preferences. Some cats burrow under covers and enjoy,  on the contrary some cats hate being burrowed under covers. My cat loves burrowing under the blanket at night.

Cats are usually friendly in nature, they enjoy roaming here and there around different objects and people. There is nothing to get worried about. Even it is difficult to state that a certain percentage of cats that love to burrow under blankets and the percentage of cats that hate to burrow under the blanket. Cats differ in behaviors this much.

cat burrow under blanket 
cat sleeping under blanket

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Do Cats Burrow Underground?

Not all cats burrow underground. Their are some species which do practice burrowing underground. Mostly wild cats burrow underground. Pet cats do look for cavity places under shelter. Normally pet cats love burrowing under blankets or burrowing into humans. A reason is wild cats don’t have any other place to burrow in. 

For example; SAND CATS: These little desert dwellers are perfectly adapted to their harsh environment. They have pale fur for camouflage and can survive without drinking water for extended periods. But their most interesting adaptation might be their use of burrows. Sand cats either dig their own burrows, or take over abandoned ones from other animals like foxes or gerbils. These burrows provide essential shelter from the scorching sun during the day and the cold desert nights.

Stray cats don’t spend time digging ground to burry. There are several reasons for it:

  • Digging ground requires a lot of energy and they have to conserve this energy for hunting their prey. 
  • Many stray cats live in urban areas. The ground in such areas is packed with dirt or concrete which makes digging difficult.
  • Stray cats usually seek shelter under buildings, porches, decks, sheds, or even abandoned cars.

Cat constipation 
Laxatone for cats

How to Stop Your Cat from Burrowing?

You cannot stop your cat burrow under covers but can limit it by taking the following measures:

  • Keep your cat busy with other entertaining activities like toys and different games.
  • Provide your cat a cozy atmosphere.
  • Make sure your cat is not suffering from any medical issues. If there are any, immediately consult a vet.
  • Provide a peaceful environment free from noise pollution and unfamiliar faces.
  • Provide your cat with a comfortable and warm place to sleep.


Mostly, cat burrow  in humans to express their love for them. If your cat sneaks under the blankets and covers continuously, there is nothing to get worried about. But if you notice any signs of illness, stress, anxiety, or any weird change in its behavior, immediately consult a vet to prevent future problems.

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Yes, cats do like digging holes in soft corners in your yard. They also love to hide in plants. Mostly, cats dig holes in the spring season when most people sow new flowers.
No, an experiment was conducted in America which showed that cats don't even try to differentiate among people, unlike dogs. Results of the experiment showed that kittens recognized their handlers less than 50 percent of the time.
Usually, cats hide underneath things to rest and sleep, but sometimes they are stressed out, so they burrow under a cover. Most of the time, they hide under things to get a cozy and comfortable environment where they could sleep peacefully.
To express their love for their owner, they usually go into your bedsheets and have a sleep with you. Also, humans serve as the best blanket for cats. Their resting temperature is high so the heat released from our bodies makes the environment more comfortable for cats to sleep.

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