Witnessing your feline companion nestled under such cover might spark some worry. Various factors could lead your cat to favor the coziness of a blanket for a nap. Drawing from my own encounters, I’ve stumbled upon my cat dozing in peculiar spots like shoes, laundry baskets, bookshelves, and shopping bags. However, the frequency of discovering my cat beneath a blanket significantly outweighs these instances.

You might be concerned about, “Why do cats sleep under blanket and is it safe?” Cats have usually higher resting temperature than human beings. Since they find ideal temperature under blankets and covers, they love sleeping under them. Yes, this can be slightly dangerous for kittens if they seek a sleep under a thick heavy blanket. For adult cats it is safe.

Why Do Cats Sleep Under Blankets? 

If you are still reading this article, I assume that your cat sleeps a lot under blanket. There can be a number of reasons for which your cat loves having nap under covers. In this article, we have highlighted the most common reasons and their solutions:

why do cats sleep under blankets?

Stress And Anxiety

One reason why cats may choose to sleep under blankets is due to stress and anxiety. Cats typically spend around 5 hours daily on personal grooming, making stress and anxiety a routine issue for them. Seeking solace in hidden and dark locations, such as under covers, may serve as a coping mechanism to alleviate their stress.

There can be numerous other reasons for stress in cats. Many of them are listed below:

  • Environmental changes
  • Boredom
  • Unfamiliar people
  • Illness or injury
  • Lack of socialization

During the first 9 weeks of a cat’s birth, she undergoes socialization. If she is not treated properly and have not developed a good illusion for this world, she will definitely have stress. Now the question arises, in what ways can you help her to encounter stress. Some solutions are recommended below:


You should have regular visits to a vet’s office. Make sure your cat is having routine check-up. Spend some quality time with her. Take her out to parks on weekends and have some walk with her. Playing little games with your cat can be great helpful in this regard.

why do cats sleep under blankets?
why do cats sleep under blankets?

Maintaining litter box and providing a good diet also play an important role. to know more about stress and anxiety in cats, you can visit the link: click here.

Higher Resting Temperature And Comfort

Cats, with their higher resting temperature compared to human beings, often exhibit behavior such as snuggling in beds, especially in the early mornings. You might have experienced the warmth of cuddling your cat during these moments. This behavior stems from their need for additional heat to relax. Cats instinctively seek out warmer environments to maintain their optimal body temperature, which is higher than that of humans. Thus, your cat’s preference for cozy spots like your bed serves as a means to regulate their body heat and induce a state of relaxation.

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why do cats sleep under blankets

Cats use blankets and covers to meet an ideal resting temperature for them. Human blankets, carpets, shoes, laundry piles and bathtub are some common places where you would easily locate cats because these places usually have higher temperature than environment. 

Nature has designed human beings in the same way too but exposing our bodies to air-conditioned rooms on daily basis has affected this nature’s planning a lot. Many of us now can’t even spend an hour in direct sunlight or in a hot room. Sitting in hot environment for a day seems a battle for today’s man.


You can discourage this behavior by providing warm environment to your cat. You can set your cat’s bed near a window pane where she gets direct sunlight or in some dim corner of house where the temperature is usually higher.

Ideal environment can also be designed artificially with the help of advanced electrical equipment but they should be used in worst case.

Medical Issues

There is possibility that your cat might be suffering through medical issues for which she might be hiding under covers. Cat’s behavior is highly influenced by its medical conditions. If you notice that every time your cat goes for a nap, she prefers blanket, there can be some medical issues too. Most commonly if your cat is having pain in some body part or her body is losing warmth without any reason, you should consult an experienced vet. Few common medical issues which serve as a root for such behavior are listed below:

  1. Hypothermia
  2. Arthritis
  3. Thyroid problems
  4. Joint pain
  5. Itching in skin
  6. Discomfort or other pains

Here is the link to our another article covering the topics related to cat burrowing behavior. https://petswhirl.com/reasons-for-which-your-cat-burrow/

You can also visit the link by clicking or tapping the picture below.

why do cats sleep under covers?
why do cats sleep under blankets?

Your cat might demonstrate some symptoms if she is suffering through any of these. If there is a change in its walk or she is possessing reserved attitude, she is having pain in some body part. Other symptoms which cats exhibit on getting sick are reduced appetite and lethargy.


The only thing I could suggest in this regard is to consult an experienced vet. There might be need to bring changes in its diet plan. The vet can also recommend some medicines too. While hypothermia can be resolved by providing an ideal environment for cats. You can also help your feline friend in speeding up the recovery process by spending some quality time with it.

Its urgent to consult a vet because paying less attention to medical issues can result in bigger heath issues in near future. To explore more about routine health issues with your cat,  you can visit the link: https://petfriendlybox.com/resource-center/cat-health-problems

Sense of Security

Many cats feel strange interacting with unfamiliar people. If guests regularly visit your place, there are chances that your cat feels unsafe around them. In such cases, cat’s set-up their own small tents using blankets, carpets or some other covers in order to develop a secure environment for itself.

Cats just like humans demand sense of security. They cannot live in an unsafe environment. If you fail in providing sense of security to your cat, she might escape soon. Surveys prove my stance. Also an unsafe environment can increase your kitty’s stress. This issue can be resolved by closely observing the issues.


It can be a result of environmental changes. Cats take some time to adjust themselves in new environment. If you have recently bought a new pet or shifted your house, you maybe familiar with this behavior. The thing you can do in this regard is to notice and observe the reasons for which your cat is feeling unsafe. Once you have caught up the reason, it may be easy for you to find a solution.

Some common solutions are provide an enclosed cat bed or a box lined with blankets where he can get the same secure feeling that he finds under your covers.

Playful Time

Cats are notorious for their mischievous nature, often concocting playful schemes to engage with their owners. While they typically enjoy spending time with their human companions and engaging in playful activities, they may also exhibit behavior such as hiding under covers and blankets as part of their antics. This behavior might be intended to evoke a sense of worry or curiosity in their owners. Your cat may relish the opportunity to elicit a playful response from you by hiding and prompting you to search throughout the house. Ultimately, this playful behavior serves as a means for your cat to interact with you and indulge in the joy of playful interaction.

why do cats sleep under covers?
why do cats sleep under blankets?


Following are some solutions to resolve this issue:

  • You can take her to walk
  • Spend some quality time with her
  • Often play with your cat
  • Offer her more comfortable environment

Adopting these solutions will resolve this issue to a great extent. This will engage your cat into many activities that she will not find time to behave mischievous.

Have Some Time Alone

While it’s commonly believed that cats are inherently social and enjoy constant human interaction, this perception only captures part of their nature. Indeed, cats do relish the company of people and often roam around seeking engagement. However, it’s essential to recognize that they also require periods of solitude to find internal peace. Without this alone time, they may become susceptible to stress. So, while they enjoy companionship, cats also value moments of solitude to maintain their well-being.

Your cat might be demonstrating this behavior because of un-comfortable environment you are providing her. Make sure she gets some time alone away from all house members if you want her to stay away from your blankets.


You can paly a great role to resolve this issue. All you have to do is to set a time frame and teach all house members to do not interrupt your cat with in this time frame. A couple of hours daily are enough for a cat to spend alone exceptional from her sleep timings.

 Is It Fine For My Cat To Sleep Under Covers?

Since most cats sleep under covers, it is a concern for cat owners. Honestly, this question cannot be addressed by a simple yes or no. It depends on your cat’s size. If your cat is a small one less then one year in age, you should worry. Small kittens should not be allowed to sleep under covers because it is difficult for them to get out of it.

Why do cats sleep under blankets or covers?
Why do cats sleep under blankets or covers?

However, if you have a huge cat then it can sleep under heavy blankets too but this practice is not recommended. One thing you have to make sure that blanket is not big enough to stuck cat under it.

Another common issue is, “Is its safe for humans to have cats in their bed?” No, having a cat in bed is not safe for you at any cost. Yes I do agree, it might give you good feeling and a good sleep but cats contain a lot of bacteria which is not safe for human beings. Doctors recommend to wash hands even after touching your pet. How can you even imagine to sleep with your cat? Sleeping with your cat can become a reason for multiple heath issues which include:

  • Zoonotic diseases
  • Injury
  • Asthma
  • Allergies

To avoid these health issues, it is better to make arrangement for your pet’s sleep outside your room.

Can Cats Breath Easily Under Covers?

Can cats breath under covers? This was a great concern for me since my cat was addicted to having a nap under blanket. After much research, I came to the point that cats like humans need fresh oxygen which is not available under covers. Here I concluded that cats cannot breathe easily under covers but it depends upon following factors.

It highly depends upon the nature of fabric. If it is too heavy thick and tight fabric which even serves as a hurdle to cat when she tries to get out of it, there is no chance of fresh oxygen under it. With the passage of time, oxygen decreases and inversely carbon dioxide increases causing serious breath issue.

It’s essential to monitor your cat when they are under covers. You can overcome this issue by providing your cat a comfortable cozy environment where there are ventilation facilities too. To explore more, you can visit the link: click here to get to forum. 

Can Small Kittens Be Covered Under Blanket?

Although its not safe for them at all but still they can be covered under blanket adopting a few precautionary measures.

1.  Use a light weight blanket so your cat can escape out easily,
2. Always keep kitten under observation when she is having a nap under blanket.
3. Make your she could have fresh oxygen to breath
4. Sometimes the temperature under blanket gets too warm for cats too. This can be avoided by using a light weight blanket.
5. If you are covering your kitten for the very first time with a blanket, do it gradually.
6. If  you feel your kitten is not comfortable, let her get out of it.
Why do cats sleep under blankets?

I am well aware of your feelings for your cat and expect that you will not compromise on its safety and comfort. Letting kittens sleep under covers is a great risk until unless the mentioned precautions are not adopted.

Should I Allow My Cat To Sleep Under Blanket?

Should I allow my cat to sleep under blanket? Allowing your feline friend to sleep under blanket is not an issue as long as she is over one year of age. Cats might seek for sleep under covers because they find ideal resting temperature under covers. It also gives them a sense of security and comfort. However, a number of safety measures should be still adopted which include mediocre temperature, light covers and a proper supervision.

why do cats sleep under covers or burrow with humans
why do cats sleep under covers or burrow with humans

Not all cats like sleeping under covers. If your cat is among the ones who hate having nap under covers, you should never enforce her to have a nap under any cover or blanket. There can be some health issues too for which your cat can rather seek nap under covers or avoid nap under covers.

If your cat has any health issues or breathing difficulties, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before allowing them to sleep under a blanket.


Your cat’s preference to have a nap under covers is affecting by many factors including her comfort level, sense of security she gets and her desire to have a nap under closed spaces. If you are not satisfied by such behavior, it can be avoided by adopting a number of precautionary measures.

You can provide your cat with some lonely dark environment if you don’t like your cat hiding under covers. There can be some medical issue too so its better to consult an experienced vet if you notice a higher frequency of your cat escaping under covers. Every cat is unique, and it’s essential to respect and accommodate their individual preferences for sleep and relaxation. We expect that you have found answer to your question ” WHY DO CATS SLEEP UNDER BLANKETS OR COVERS? “


Usually cats have higher body resting temperature than human beings. For this they prefer sleeping under the blanket to obtain the required body temperature for better sleep.
Cats usually burrow to keep themselves comfortable in a warm environment. It is a proven fact that a cat’s paw can even sense a temperature change of up to one degree Celsius, and they have a higher resting temperature than humans, approximately ranging between 99.5 Fahrenheit to 102.5 Fahrenheit.
Researches prove that cats are familiar to the voices they hear on daily basis and are accustomed to see their owner's face. For these reasons, there are a number of chances your cat might recognize you.
To express their love for their owner, they usually go into your bedsheets and have a sleep with you. Also, humans serve as the best blanket for cats. Their resting temperature is high so the heat released from our bodies makes the environment more comfortable for cats to sleep.

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